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Turning Trash Into Treasure!

August 16, 2018 1 Comment

Turning Trash Into Treasure!

Here at Booda Organics, we strive to remain conscious of both our impact on people and the planet! Although the tins are 100% Recyclable, we think it's more fun to get creative!

Here are 10 Useful Ways to Re-purpose your emptied Booda Butter Tins and Spread the Eco-Friendly Love:

  1. Suds of Love Travel Case- Our Suds of Love soap fits perfectly inside your empty Booda Butter Tin! It is great for taking your bubbly bliss on the go or even used as a soap dish.
  2. Jewelry Container- Also great for transporting some of your favorite Jewelry without risk of getting tangled or mangled in travel.
  3. Candle Holder- You could use both the top and bottom of the tin for catching wax off melted candles. Add sand, crystals or rocks around the candle for an extra Boodaful display!
  4. Plant Water Catcher- If you have small house plants that are in need of a water catcher, Booda Tins will add an extra pop of color and protect the surface of your table/counter from water damage.
  5. Gifting- Oh the things you can gift! Booda Tins are a perfect size for gift giving and can be creatively decorated to add extra special flair when you are Spreading the Love.
  6. Organize Office Supplies- Turn that dreaded junk drawer into a mess no more! Use your Booda tins for tacks, paper clips, rubber band, etc.
  7. Sort your Toolbox- Never dig again for that nail or screw that is just the right size. Booda Butter Tin to the rescue will allow you to sort all of your nails, nuts, bolts, and screws.
  8. Tea Tin- Take tea time where ever you go! Booda Tins seal nicely to keep your loose leaf or bag teas protected. Include a couple of raw sugar or monk fruit packets for extra sweetness!
  9. Herb Container- Keep your favorite herbs and spices fresh sealed tightly in your empty Booda Butter Tins. For easy access glue magnets on the bottom and stick on your fridge.
  10. Bathroom Tin- Never lose another bobby pin to the floor again! Booda Tins are a great home for bobby pins, hair ties, and clips!

Thank you for helping us do our part to reduce waste and keep this beautiful planet green and clean! ♥ With lots of Love always.


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Patricia Withers
Patricia Withers

June 11, 2020

Interesting product. Will try next month

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