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Here at Booda Organics, we provide the purest body care necessities to support your greatest health and well-being! Our products are handmade with lots of love, thoughtfulness and integrity — choosing only the highest quality, food-grade, organic, non-GMO, sustainable, vegan ingredients. And just as importantly, our formulas never contain anything unnecessary or harmful because we understand that 'What goes ON your skin, also goes IN!' Booda's products are gentle, yet highly effective — and gentle on our planet too!

We began creating our own body care products out of a desire to purify and simplify our lives. Using organic, unrefined ingredients found ONLY in nature not only brought us peace of mind, but we quickly realized that they truly work! In 2010, we began joyfully sharing our natural creations with family and friends, only to be gratefully received. And shortly thereafter, with a big heart and open arms, Booda Organics was born and cofounded in love! We remain a family-run business fueled by the smell of cocoa and love letters from our boodaful customers. Our facility here in Bellingham, Washington is filled with smiles and excitement for what lies ahead.

We promise to remain conscious of our choices, to stay true to our core values and always place the well-being of other people and the planet first. Our friendly, blissful Booda is a symbol for the purity, simplicity, and love that is poured into each and every container.

We hope our products bring you as much joy as we feel creating them. Thanks for your kind support!

With Love & Many Blessings,