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Suds of Love ❤ Soap Essentials Kit

NEW! If you already LOVE our suds or are looking for a thoughtful gift for someone special, then this soap essentials bundle is for you! In the gift box you will find everything you need to happily bathe your whole body in love—a moisturizing all-in-one soap to bathe, shampoo & shave, as well as our wooden soap rest to keep your bar dry between uses and a scrub sack to gently exfoliate. It's the pure and eco friendly way to bathe!

Soap Essentials Kit includes:
• 1 Bar of Suds of Love Soap
• 1 Handmade Wooden Soap Rest
• 1 Soap Saver Scrub Sack

Soap Ingredients: (*Certified Organic & Unrefined) Olive Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Fair Trade Shea Butter*, Filtered Spring Water** & Sodium Hydroxide**.  (**None remains after saponifying oils. Air-dried for over 2 months and hand cut with love!)

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