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50 Ways to Use Booda Butter!

It seems everyone's got their own unique ways to use Booda Butter... to some, a lil' dab'll do ya, while others must SLATHER the Booda! In fact, there are so many ways to reap the benefits of this truly all-purpose cream, that we just had to share a few of our favorite suggested uses... Hope you enjoy!

1. Daily Moisture from Head to Toe! Rub into skin as often as desired for deep moisture that lasts all day long.

Chapped Lips
...Pure Vegan Bliss For Your Lips! No beeswax, no fragrances or essential oils! Just Naturally Naked all the way!

3. Dry Nails & Cuticles soak up Booda Butter like it's their job! They love Booda Butter because it keeps them strong and healthy!

4. Dry Elbows Demand Booda Butter. Our elbows are often a forgotten part of our body, especially in winter... But not until severe dryness kicks in do we give them what they need. So show your elbows you love them with Booda Butter!

5. Give Your Hair a Deep-Conditioning Treatment... After rinsing your hair in a warm shower, try liberally applying Booda Butter from root to tip, wrap a towel around your head and hang out for 20 minutes, then wash out with Suds of Love! You'll be amazed at the intense hydration!

6. Enjoy a Massage with Booda Butter and you won't be disappointed. Whether you put your partner up to it at home or bring Booda Butter to your masseuse, the workability is excellent and the relaxing scent of cocoa will dissolve all that unwanted tension...

7. After a Shower, Booda Butter can more easily penetrate the warm, open pores and seal in moisture!

8. Long-lasting Tattoos with Booda Butter! Keep that beautiful body art vibrant, healthy-looking and moist!

9. Men... After Shaving, Try Booda Butter Instead! Your face is a sensitive place, so don't trust just anything as your aftershave. No toxins, no razorburn and won't clog pores!

10. Let your face shine! That's right, Booda Butter is good to use on the face too! Many prefer applying it at night, but really anytime you need some extra hydration, booda is there for you!

11. Before/After Taking a Bath, try covering yourself in Booda Butter and experience the deeply moisturizing magic for yourself!

12. Smooth Fly-Aways and Frizzy Hair. Simply smooth a tiny amount between your palms and lightly run hands over dry hair to tame those guys! Also adds a beautiful finishing shine to your Booda-Do! Extra-Friendly to curly and wavy hair too!

14. Before a Day of Sun, slather on the Booda. Although the SPF of Booda Butter has not been tested, the ingredients (particularly Shea Butter and Coconut Oil) have been used by indigenous peoples for centuries to naturally help protect against the harmful rays of the sun.

15. After a Day of Sun, nothing feels more soothing to the skin then Booda Butter. And it will help turn that sizzle into a gorgeous tan that lasts longer!

16. Deep Hand & Foot Treatments are the Best! Simply rub on feet and hands whenever you want. Or before bed, try liberally smearing Booda Butter all over your feet and/or hands, then put on some socks and/or gloves, get your beauty rest, and in the morning...voila!

17. Try a Little Aromatherapy... Go ahead... open up a tin of Booda Butter... Now close your eyes, inhale deeply... Ahhhhhh, much better...

18. Dreadlocks Need Booda too! Keep your dreads moist and healthy-looking with natural plant oils and butters.

20. Foot massage! Who's feet couldn't use a little rub of lovin'?

21. The Dry Scalp Treatment requires nothing more then a little melted Booda on your finger tips and a relaxing head massage.

22. Carpenters and Construction Workers Love Booda! Those hard workin' hands need extra TLC and nothing penetrates deeper then Booda Butter.

23. Rock Climbers Gotta Have Booda. We know those hands get dry, dry, dry, so give Booda a try!

24. Bikers, Soothe that Chafing with pure, natural ingredients! And no more toxic chemicals on your most delicate areas!

25. Booda loves to Drum! Shea Butter has been used for ages to keep those musical drumming hands soft and supple.

26. The Pat Technique: Lots of people are unsure how to evenly apply Booda Butter to their body at first, so let us recommend this... Scoop a pea sized amount into hands and rub your palms together to melt. Now lightly pat the area in which you wish to moisturize, followed by circular massaging to get a nice even coverage.

27. Booda Makes a Great Shaving Lotion! Helps to protect and pre-moisturize your skin before shaving, as well as the perfect aftershave, so give it a try next time! Men love it too!

28. Phew, Allergy Friendly Body Care! Those with soy, bee, wheat, gluten, peanut or dairy allergies can now enjoy spreading the love as often as desired! Also vegan and cruelty-free for our animal lovers!

29. Booda on a Burn. Perhaps you were a little too excited about that apple pie you just baked and got a little burn on the oven. Well, no problem because Booda Butter is here to the rescue - to soothe the sting so that you can get back to eating that pie while it's still warm!

30. Remove sticky residue! If you're trying to remove that sticky goo after removing a jar labels or perhaps got some sap on your hands, you'll be amazed at how well booda helps to remove it! Just rub it in, scrub it off and then wash with soap!

31. Soothe Irritations Such as Eczema. The healing properties of Booda Butter can have a calming effect on such uncomfortable conditions. And since it is made with only ingredients from nature, and without anything toxic, it can be effective on even the most sensitive and irritable skin.

32. Get a Tan with Booda. Booda Butter is a tanners best friend. Most tanning oils contain some pretty scary stuff, so why not give Booda Butter a try for a natural even glow... But please be careful as we do not add any SPF to our products...

33. Works great as a beard oil! That facial hair-do needs conditioning too! Give your beard and mustache a nice, healthy-looking shine with Booda Butter!

34. For Those intimate Moments, Booda Butter is a natural choice! We'll leave the "how to use" for your imagination on this one...

35. Booda Loves to Travel! Just under 3 ounces, a Tin of Booda Butter is airplane friendly. But do be careful, as it will melt naturally if heated above 90°. Or just bring Booda in a Tube (which fits perfectly in your pocket!) for all your emergency moisture needs.

36. Scars & Scabs Need to Stay Moist to diminish more quickly! So Spread a little love to those places that need it!

37. The Sore Nose from a Cold needs nothing more then Booda Butter to ease the chapped and tender discomfort.

38. Booda loves to Hit the Slopes! Skiers and Snowboarders know that unprotected faces and lips are definitely subject to some seriously harsh conditions. But have no fear when Booda Butter is near!

39. Yogi's Know! Sweat those toxins out and use Booda Butter to make sure you're not putting any toxins back in! Plus NO fragrances or perfumes, so you'll be sure not to disturb your neighbor's peace.

40. Got Dandruff? Try taking a shower before bed and massaging some Booda Butter into your scalp for a soothing night sleep!

41. Gentle Make-up Removal...The ingredients in Booda Butter (namely Jojoba Oil) are excellent for removing make-up while moisturizing the delicate areas of the face such as around the eyes, so that you can stay forever Boodaful!

42. Get that Wedding Day Glow! Everyone wants to look their best on their special day, so try using Booda Butter regularly to help promote that healthy, youthful glow for your day of Love!

43. Boost your mood with Booda Butter! You don't even have to touch it to know it's the real deal. The natural cocoa aroma has been proven to promote feelings of relaxation and well-being. We always keep a tin on our desk just in case an we need to be uplifted on those busy work days.

44. Have a ring stuck on your finger? Slather on some booda to slide it right off!

45. Moisturize those wrinkles for a youthful glow!

46. Razorburn Loves to be Soothed with Booda Butter. Reduce bumps and irritations by keeping your skin naturally healthy!

47. Acne Scars Diminish More Quickly when kept moist with natural ingredients, particularly Cocoa Butter!

48. Pregnant Bellies of course! We just had to let you expectant moms know about the incredible anti-stretchmark powers of Booda Butter!

49. Itchy Skin! Nothing calms itchy spots better then Booda Butter so that you can get back to the present moment!

50. Booda has a Bald Head too! And he trusts nothing other then Booda Butter to keep his crown smooth and healthy-looking.

Thought of another use? Please let us know!