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Suds of Love ❤ Laundry Soap

Let's Get Naked! This Pure & Powerful laundry powder gently washes, deodorizes and softens clothes leaving them fresh and clean—without the use of ANY harsh chemicals! When we say 'What goes ON your skin, also goes IN', this also includes the chemical residues on your clothing... This is the reason we were inspired to create this kind alternative to conventional detergents. Entirely made from scratch using the same cold process that we have perfected for our bar soap, this pure unscented powder, is gentle yet effective! From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy happy, healthy laundering!

2 lbs are packaged in an Eco-Friendly, 100% Biodegradable Paper Tube! We recommend keeping the tube and refilling with our BULK 10 lb bags for a better value (and less waste)! Wooden Scoop included upon request.


INGREDIENTS (*Organic & Raw): Sodium Bicarbonate (Pure Baking Soda), Saponified Olive Oil*, Saponified Virgin Coconut Oil*  & Saponified Fair Trade Shea Butter*.

NO Fragrance, Dyes, Bleach, Sulfates, Parabens, Phosphates, Borax or other funky stuff!

How to Use: A little goes a long way! Depending on load size, add 1 to 3 scoops to laundry machine as you normally would. Refer to the garment care label for specific laundering instructions. For tough stains, try using our 'Suds of Love' Bar Soap— Wet soiled area and rub the bar into stain. Let soak, rinse and launder as usual.

Thanks for choosing Suds of Love!

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